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High School Lacrosse All-Americans

School: All Schools   State: <not available>   Season: 2018
Jason Kraus, Attack (Academy of Holy Angels, MN)
Spencer Sande, Midfield (Academy of Holy Angels, MN)
Cooper Issacs, Long-Stick Middie (Agoura High School, CA)
Zach Tripp, Goalie (Agoura High School, CA)
Lucas Heverly, Midfield (Amador Valley High School; San Francisco, CA)
Isabella Mayo, Midfield (Amador Valley High School; San Francisco, CA)
Jordan Torres, Midfield (Andover High School, MA)
Ellie Bromley, Midfield (Apex High School, NC)
Tess Meurling, Midfield (Apex High School, NC)
Molly Moynihan, Midfield (Apple Valley High School, MN)
Reagan Roelofs, Midfield (Apple Valley High School, MN)
Bobby Baltzer, Midfield (Arapahoe High School, CO)
Meg Hanson, Attack (Arapahoe High School, CO)
Logan Dieball, Midfield (Archbishop Moeller High School; OH-South, OH)
Jack Stahanczyk, Defense (Archbishop Moeller High School; OH-South, OH)
Jake Morin, Midfield (Auburn High School, NY)
Scott (Scooter) Whiteside, Midfield (Avon Grove High School; Eastern, PA)
Bryce DeMuth, Defense (Avon Grove High School; Eastern, PA)
Nate Hammond, Midfield (Avon Grove High School; Eastern, PA)
Mackenzie Chapman, Midfield (Bainbridge High School, WA)
Sam Swingruber, Midfield (Ballston Spa High School; NY-Adirondacks, NY)
Clare Gaffney, Attack (Barrington High School, IL)
Hope Robertson, Midfield (Barrington High School, IL)
Bryce Cousins, Midfield (Barron Collier High School; Gulf Coast, FL )
Hannah Ingalls, Defense (Bartram Trail High School, FL)
Danielle Kelley, Attack (Bartram Trail High School, FL)
Elijah Gash, Defense (Bay Port High School, WI )
Courtney Weeks, Midfield (Bay Port High School, WI )
Cassidy Weeks, Midfield (Bay Port High School, WI )
Eric Flynn, Long-Stick Middie (Bedford High School, NH)
Sydney Lynch, Midfield (Bedford High School, NH)
Hannah McCarthy, Attack (Bedford High School, NH)
Jack Heed, Defense (Bellevue High School, WA)
Tom Heed, Attack (Bellevue High School, WA)
Paul Johnson, Attack (Bellevue High School, WA)
Chase Overton, Defense (Bellevue High School, WA)
Danny Hincks, Goalie (Belmont Hill High School, MA)
Jack Rigley, Defense (Benilde-St. Margaret's; Plymouth, MN )
Buzz Williams, Goalie (Benilde-St. Margaret's; Plymouth, MN )
School: Berwick Academy
Brad Simas, Attack (Berwick Academy, ME)
Claire Conway, Defense (Bethlehem Central High School, NY)
Tessa Hughes, Attack (Bethlehem Central High School, NY)
Brian Cameron, Attack (Bishop Guertin High School, NH)
Sean Cameron, Midfield (Bishop Guertin High School, NH)
Lindsay Hult, Midfield (Bishop Guertin High School, NH)
Reilly Casey, Attack (Bishop Ireton High School, VA )
Lexi Ledoyen, Midfield (Bishop Ireton High School, VA )
Lizzie Lohrer, Defense (Bishop Ireton High School, VA )
Madison Mote, Midfield (Bishop Ireton High School, VA )
Lily Shalz, Midfield (Bishop Kelly High School, ID)
Cami Donadio, Goalie (Bishop Moore Catholic High School; Central - Orlando, FL )
Ellie Stricker, Attack (Bishop Moore Catholic High School; Central - Orlando, FL )
School: Blake School
Sophia Skallerud, Midfield (Blake School, MN )
Everett Collins, Defense (Boise High School, ID)
Megan Ayotte, Midfield (Brattleboro Union High School; VT, VT)
School: Breck School
Eloise Cherian, Midfield (Breck School, MN)
Nick Sobell, Attack (Brewster Academy, NH)
Lauren Craft, Midfield (Brewster High School, NY)
Andrew Billig, Attack (Brighton High School, UT)
Jack Johnson, Midfield (Brighton High School, UT)
Brady McDermott, Midfield (Brighton High School, UT)
Justus Peterson, Midfield (Brighton High School, UT)
Kathryn Smolensky, Attack (Brighton High School, UT)
Allie Berkery, Midfield (Bronxville High School, NY)
School: Brooks School
Teagan Canning, Attack (Brooks School, MA)
Jack Crosby, Long-Stick Middie (Brother Rice High School, MI)
James Donaldson, Defense (Brother Rice High School, MI)
Patrick Burkinshaw, Goalie (Brunswick School, CT)
Aiden Glover, Attack (Brunswick School, CT)
Wilson Stephenson, Defense (Brunswick School, CT)
Demetrius Stevenson, Midfield (Caesar Rodney High School, DE)
Jeremy Barrett, Long-Stick Middie (Canterbury School, CT)
Finnegan Raymond, Midfield (Cape Elizabeth High School, ME)
Annie Judge, Defense (Cape Henlopen High School, DE)
Alia Marshall, Midfield (Cape Henlopen High School, DE)
Lindsay Monigle, Attack (Cape Henlopen High School, DE)
Liam Zolper, Midfield (Cape Henlopen High School, DE)
Andrew Thomas, Attack (Capital High School, WV)
Hayden Callahan, Defense (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Grace Nelson, Midfield (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Grace New, Attack (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Ella Reaves Vaughan, Midfield (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Chris Wozencroft, Long-Stick Middie (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Gabby Young, Goalie (Cardinal Gibbons High School, NC)
Kasey Braun, Midfield (Cardinal Newman High School, FL)
Kelly Csenar, Midfield (Carmel High School, CA)
Chad Kittaka, Attack (Carmel High School, CA)
Luke Melcher, Midfield (Carmel High School, CA)
Kate Burnside, Midfield (Cathedral High School, MA)
Brock Snyder, Goalie (Cathedral High School, MA)
School: Centennial
Nicky Solomon, Attack (Centennial)
Michael Ott, Midfield (Central Bucks High School East, PA)
Paige Richbourg, Midfield (Centreville High School, VA)
Brett Boos, Midfield (Chaparral High School, AZ)
Max Freestone, Goalie (Chaparral High School, AZ)
Morgan Kubicki, Attack (Chaparral High School, AZ)
Hannah Mill, Attack (Chaparral High School, AZ)
Megan Flesch, Midfield (Charlotte Catholic High School, NC)
Charlotte Pedlow, Midfield (Charlotte Country Day School, NC)
Gia Colombo, Midfield (Charlotte Latin School, NC)
School: Chatham
Mac Bredahl, Attack (Chatham, NJ)
School: Cherokee
Gabryelle Bodine, Attack (Cherokee; South, NJ )
School: Cherry Creek
Isabel Anema, Midfield (Cherry Creek, CO)
Knox Dent, Goalie (Cherry Creek, CO)
Gabe Minisini, Attack (Cherry Creek, CO)
Hali Sibilia, Attack (Cherry Creek, CO)
School: Cheshire
Annie Eddy, Attack (Cheshire, CT)
Emily Clorite, Midfield (Choate Rosemary Hall; Wallingford, CT )
School: Christ School
Hunter Vines, Midfield (Christ School; NCISSA, NC )
Michael Carroll, Attack (Christian Brothers; St. Louis, MO )
Christopher Downey, Goalie (Christian Brothers; St. Louis, MO )
Luke McMahon, Long-Stick Middie (Christian Brothers Academy, NJ)
Olivia Penoyer, Attack (Christian Brothers Academy, NJ)
Jessica Meneilly, Midfield (Cicero-North Syracuse; Central/Syracuse, NY)
Lauren Iott, Midfield (Cleveland Heights; North, OH )
Caroline DeBellis, Attack (Cold Spring Harbor; Nassau County, NY )
Sophia DeRosa, Midfield (Cold Spring Harbor; Nassau County, NY )
Kevin Winkoff, Attack (Cold Spring Harbor; Nassau County, NY )
Maggie Bostain, Midfield (Collegiate School; Piedmont, VA )
Joe White, Attack (Collegiate School; Piedmont, VA )
School: Columbine
Gabe Mein, Attack (Columbine; Littleton, CO)
Angela Naughton, Midfield (Columbine; Littleton, CO)
School: Conard
Kate Shaffer, Midfield (Conard; Public, CT )
School: Conestoga
Amelia Kienzle, Midfield (Conestoga; Eastern - Berwyn, PA)
Michael Prestipino, Defense (Conestoga; Eastern - Berwyn, PA)
James Reilly, Midfield (Conestoga; Eastern - Berwyn, PA)
School: Connetquot
George Wichelns, Attack (Connetquot; Suffolk County, NY )
School: Corona Del Mar
Kyle Cord, Goalie (Corona Del Mar; Orange County, CA )
School: Coronado
Jake Brophy, Midfield (Coronado; San Diego, CA )
Nick Demaio, Attack (Coronado; San Diego, CA )
Natalie Wilson, Midfield (Coronado; San Diego, CA )
Tim Van der Linde, Attack (Creekside High School; St. Johns, FL)
School: Crespi
Logan Soelberg, Attack (Crespi; Los Angeles, CA )
Clayton Miller, Attack (Cumberland Valley; Central - Mechanicsville, PA )
School: Curtis
Sinead Bonner, Midfield (Curtis, WA)
School: Dallastown
Ethan Pickett, Attack (Dallastown; Dallastown, PA)
School: Daniel Hand
Riley Kokoruda, Midfield (Daniel Hand; Madison/Public, CT)
School: Danville
Brenan Ryan, Midfield (Danville; Danville, PA)
School: Darien
Sean Collins, Goalie (Darien; Public, CT )
Andrew Darby, Defense (Darien; Public, CT )
Nicole Humphrey, Midfield (Darien; Public, CT )
Ashley Humphrey, Attack (Darien; Public, CT )
Sarah Jaques, Attack (Darien; Public, CT )
Jack Joyce, Midfield (Darien; Public, CT )
Logan McGovern, Attack (Darien; Public, CT )
Brian Minicus, Attack (Darien; Public, CT )
Katie Ramsay, Midfield (Darien; Public, CT )
Blake Sommi, Midfield (Darien; Public, CT )
Matthew Campbell, Midfield (Delbarton High School, NJ)
Tom Schelling, Attack (Delbarton High School, NJ)
Garrett Leadmon, Midfield (DeMatha Catholic; WA DC Metro, MD )
Connor Glosner, Attack (Derryfield School, NH)
School: Desert Vista
JJ Rose, Midfield (Desert Vista; Scottsdale, AZ)
Joseph Kamish, Attack (Detroit Catholic Central, MI)
Ethan Pattinson, Midfield (Detroit Catholic Central, MI)
Peter Thompson, Midfield (Detroit Catholic Central, MI)
Dylan Prime, Midfield (Detroit Country Day, MI)
School: Dover
Will Niebrzydowski, Attack (Dover, DE)
Olivia Lawton, Midfield (Downingtown East High School, PA)
Zachary Lee, Defense (Downingtown East High School, PA)
Corrine Bednarik, Midfield (Downingtown West High School, PA)
School: Dublin Coffman
Cam Bowdy, Midfield (Dublin Coffman; North, OH )
Evan James, Attack (Dublin Coffman; North, OH )
School: Durham Academy
Tyler Carpenter, Long-Stick Middie (Durham Academy; NCISSA, NC )
Anna West, Midfield (Durham Academy; NCISSA, NC )
School: Duxbury
Julia Barry, Midfield (Duxbury; Eastern, MA )
Will Carrington, Midfield (E.C. Glass High School, VA)
Matthew Gallagher, Midfield (E.C. Glass High School, VA)
School: Eagan
Issac Peifer, Attack (Eagan, MN)
School: Eagle
Dakota Huckvale, Attack (Eagle; Boise, ID)
Brookelynn Stone, Midfield (Eagle; Boise, ID)
Ryan Levy, Attack (East Chapel Hill High School, NC)
Simon Perkins, Defense (East Chapel Hill High School, NC)
Nick Milanowski, Goalie (East Grand Rapids, MI)
Jacob Rogers, Midfield (East Grand Rapids, MI)
Mary Schumar, Attack (East Grand Rapids, MI)
Drew Thomas, Defense (East Grand Rapids, MI)
Audrey Whiteside, Midfield (East Grand Rapids, MI)
School: East Islip
John Sidorski, Attack (East Islip, NY)
School: Eastern
Katie Gerber, Midfield (Eastern; South - Voorhees, NJ )
Julie Lindsey, Midfield (Eastern; South - Voorhees, NJ )
School: Eastlake
Hunter Klinge, Midfield (Eastlake, WA)
School: Easton
Ellie Roser, Midfield (Easton; Eastern Shore/Carroll County, MD )
School: Eden Prairie
Ellie Henry, Defense (Eden Prairie, MN)
Carrie Jean Froemming, Midfield (Eden Prairie, MN)
Brooke Lewis, Attack (Eden Prairie, MN)
Quentin Matsui, Defense (Eden Prairie, MN)
Kacie Riggs, Midfield (Eden Prairie, MN)
School: Episcopal
Ricky Miezan, Midfield (Episcopal)
Katie Crager, Attack (Episcopal Academy; Eastern, PA )
Olivia Dirks, Attack (Episcopal Academy; Eastern, PA )
Devon Whitaker, Midfield (Episcopal Academy; Eastern, PA )
Scott Bower, Defense (Episcopal School, TX)
Brandon Meaux, Attack (Episcopal School, TX)
Patrick Skalniak, Midfield (Episcopal School, TX)
Anna Winkeler, Attack (Episcopal School, TX)
School: Eureka
Chase Baker, Midfield (Eureka, MO)
School: Exeter
Mike Penna, Attack (Exeter, NH)
Jen Rogers, Midfield (Exeter, NH)
School: Fairport
Reese Burek, Attack (Fairport; Monroe County, NY )
School: Fallston
Andrew Taylor, Long-Stick Middie (Fallston; Harford County, MD )
Brendan Hickey, Defense (Falmouth High School, ME)
Riley Reed, Long-Stick Middie (Falmouth High School, ME)
School: Farmingdale
Tim Hegarty, Defense (Farmingdale; Nassau, NY )
Amanda Cramer, Midfield (Fayetteville-Manlius; Central, NY)
Kiera Shanley, Midfield (Fayetteville-Manlius; Central, NY)
Katie Shanley, Attack (Fayetteville-Manlius; Central, NY)
School: Fenwick
Tim Shearer, Defense (Fenwick; Oak Park, IL)
Danny Welsh, Midfield (Fenwick; Oak Park, IL)
School: Foothill
Josh Fox, Midfield (Foothill; Pleasanton, CA )
Ellis Geis, Attack (Foothill; Pleasanton, CA )
Erin Schaffer, Midfield (Foothill; Pleasanton, CA )
Ashley Stokes, Midfield (Foothill; Pleasanton, CA )
Brooke Williams, Midfield (Foothill; Pleasanton, CA )
Bryce Clay, Attack (Forest Hills Central; Grand Rapids, MI )
Patrick English, Midfield (Forest Hills Central; Grand Rapids, MI )
Tate Hallock, Attack (Forest Hills Central; Grand Rapids, MI )
Logan Wedder, Midfield (Forest Hills Central; Grand Rapids, MI )
School: Fort Mill
Charlotte Anderson, Midfield (Fort Mill; Fort Mill, SC)
Jack McGuire, Attack (Fort Mill; Fort Mill, SC)
School: Fox Lane
Gianna New, Attack (Fox Lane; Hudson Valley/Bedford, NY )
School: Franklin
Gianna Cameron, Goalie (Franklin; Baltimore County, MD )
Annie Walsh, Midfield (Franklin; Baltimore County, MD )
Colin Hart, Defense (Garden City High School, NY)
Jennifer Medjid, Attack (Garden City High School, NY)
School: Garnet Valley
Kamryn McNeal, Attack (Garnet Valley; Eastern, PA)
Regan Nealon, Midfield (Garnet Valley; Eastern, PA)
School: Glenbrook South
Greer Bireley, Attack (Glenbrook South, IL)
School: Good Counsel
Kayla DeRose, Attack (Good Counsel, DC)
Maeson Tydings, Defense (Good Counsel, DC)
Zachary Ludd, Attack (Governor's Academy; New England/Independent - formerly Gov. Dummer's, MA )
School: Grand Island
Tom Cecere, Attack (Grand Island; Buffalo, NY )
School: Grayslake North
Matt Carr, Midfield (Grayslake North; Grayslake, IL)
School: Greenwich
Olivia Caan, Defense (Greenwich; Public, CT )
Genevieve DeWinter, Midfield (Greenwich; Public, CT )
Liam McDonough, Midfield (Groton-Dunstable Regional; Central, MA )
School: Guilford
John DeLucia, Attack (Guilford; Guilford, CT)
School: H.B. Plant
Olivia Adamson, Midfield (H.B. Plant; Tampa, FL)
Lexi Ashby, Midfield (H.B. Plant; Tampa, FL)
School: Hackley School
Robert Hite, Attack (Hackley School, NY)
Leah Holmes, Attack (Hackley School, NY)
LiliAnna Khosrowshahi, Attack (Hackley School, NY)
Wayden Ay, Defense (Haddonfield Memorial High School, NJ)
Ashley Campo, Midfield (Haddonfield Memorial High School, NJ)
Lukas DeVoe, Midfield (Hamilton Southeastern; IN, IN)
Keegan Logan, Attack (Hamilton Southeastern; IN, IN)
School: Hammond School
Corbett Glick, Long-Stick Middie (Hammond School; Columbia, SC)
School: Hampton
Rachel Hirst, Attack (Hampton; Allison Park, PA)
School: Harriton
Devin McClain, Goalie (Harriton, PA)
Paul Rodriguez, Attack (Harvard-Westlake School, CA)
School: Harvey School
Cian Keohane, Attack (Harvey School; Pearl River, NY)
TJ Malone, Attack (Haverford School; Haverford, PA)
Luke O'Grady, Attack (Haverford School; Haverford, PA)
School: Hempfield
Lindsey Durkota, Attack (Hempfield; Central, PA )
School: Hendrick Hudson
Mackenzie Porter, Goalie (Hendrick Hudson; Hudson Valley, NY )
School: Hereford
Scott Middleton, Long-Stick Middie (Hereford; Baltimore, MD )
JD Nozemack, Attack (Hereford; Baltimore, MD )
Troy Tuveson, Defense (Hereford; Baltimore, MD )
School: Hershey
Madeleine Zimmer, Midfield (Hershey; Hummelstown, PA)
School: Hewlett
Alex Vardaro, Midfield (Hewlett; Nassau, NY )
School: Highland
Jack Young, Defense (Highland, UT)
School: Highland Park
Zoe Durham, Midfield (Highland Park, IL)
Cade Saustad, Defense (Highland Park, IL)
Jenna Collignon, Midfield (Hinsdale Central, IL)
Maria Mulvihill, Defense (Hinsdale Central, IL)
Kristiana Strtak, Midfield (Hinsdale Central, IL)
School: Homer
Vincent Basile, Attack (Homer)
Dante Yacavone, Attack (Homer)
School: Hoover
Cam Logan, Goalie (Hoover; North Canton, OH )
Whit Stopak, Attack (Hoover; North Canton, OH )
School: Hopkins School
Dylan Sloan, Defense (Hopkins School; Fairchester AA, CT )
School: Howard 
Felix Knorr, Midfield (Howard , MD)
Sean Parker, Midfield (Hunterdon Central; North, NJ )
School: Indian Hill
Ellie Rabenold, Midfield (Indian Hill; Southern, OH )
School: Islip
Ethan Rall, Long-Stick Middie (Islip, NY)
School: Ithaca
Ryan Sposito, Midfield (Ithaca; Southern Tier, NY )
Griffin Cook, Attack (Jamesville Dewitt, NY)
David Sprock, Midfield (Jesuit College Prep; Dallas, TX )
Seth Cashen, Defense (Jesuit High School, LA)
Sam Handley, Attack (Jesuit High School, LA)
Jake Lemon, Midfield (Jesuit High School, LA)
Ella Smith, Midfield (Jesuit High School, LA)
School: Jordan
Paige Williams, Midfield (Jordan, UT)
Robert "Bo" Caldwell, Long-Stick Middie (Juan Diego Catholic, UT)
Joseph Bretz, Defense (Jupiter Community High School, FL)
Dylan Frankhouser, Midfield (Jupiter Community High School, FL)
School: Kennebunk
Hallie Schwartzman, Midfield (Kennebunk, ME)
School: Kent Denver
Ryan Bergner, Attack (Kent Denver; Englewood, CO )
George Kandel, Midfield (Kent Denver; Englewood, CO )
School: Kent Island
Cassidy Creighton, Midfield (Kent Island; Eastern Shore, MD )
Brandon Galloway, Midfield (Kent Island; Eastern Shore, MD )
School: Kettle Moraine
Caleb Hotchkiss, Midfield (Kettle Moraine; Wales, WI)
School: Kingston
Grace Gavis, Midfield (Kingston; Mid-Hudson/West Point, NY )
School: Kinkaid
Chloe Hunter, Midfield (Kinkaid, TX)
Isabelle Martire, Attack (Kinkaid, TX)
School: Kirkwood
Cate Camenzind, Midfield (Kirkwood, MO)
School: La Costa Canyon
Caitlin "CJ" Jones, Midfield (La Costa Canyon; San Diego County, CA)
Tessa Bass, Attack (La Costa Canyon; San Diego County, CA)
Lexie Likins, Defense (La Costa Canyon; San Diego County, CA)
Colin O'Connor, Long-Stick Middie (La Costa Canyon; San Diego County, CA)
JJ Sillstrop, Attack (La Costa Canyon; San Diego County, CA)
School: La Jolla
Maggie Garvey, Midfield (La Jolla, CA)
Kayla Nitahara, Midfield (La Jolla, CA)
Matt Rice, Attack (Lafayette High School)
Kendall Goldfarb, Defense (Lake Brantley High School, FL)
RosaLee Schiemer, Midfield (Lake Norman High School; Mooresville, NC)
School: Lake Oswego
Katie Freeman, Midfield (Lake Oswego, OR)
Carlie Leach, Midfield (Lake Oswego, OR)
School: Lakeridge
Emmett Jones, Defense (Lakeridge; Lake Oswego, OR )
School: Lakeshore
Jalyn Jimmerson, Midfield (Lakeshore; Milwaukee, WI)
Ivy Santana, Midfield (Lakeshore; Milwaukee, WI)
School: Lambert
Jonny DiVirgilio, Midfield (Lambert; Forsyth County, GA)
Donovan Lilly, Defense (Lambert; Forsyth County, GA)
Kyle Lweis, Attack (Lambert; Forsyth County, GA)
Phil White, Midfield (Lambert; Forsyth County, GA)
Matthew Lane, Long-Stick Middie (Lancaster Country Day; Central, PA )
School: Landon School
Joey Epstein, Attack (Landon School; Bethesda, MD)
School: Langley
Lilly Byrne, Defense (Langley; Northern, VA)
Charlotte Smith, Midfield (Langley; Northern, VA)
School: LaSalle Academy
Nick Dimuccio, Goalie (LaSalle Academy, RI)
Ryan Dobrzynski, Midfield (LaSalle Academy, RI)
Lahjon Jones, Defense (LaSalle Academy, RI)
School: Lassiter
Elizabeth Harrison, Midfield (Lassiter; Marietta, GA )
Alison Mills, Attack (Lassiter; Marietta, GA )
School: Lawrenceville
Annabelle Albert, Attack (Lawrenceville)
Zach Cole, Midfield (Lenape Regional , NJ)
School: Leonardtown
Catie Corolla, Midfield (Leonardtown; Southern AC, MD )
Joseph Stuber, Attack (Lexington Catholic, KY)
School: Lincoln
Isaac Baker, Midfield (Lincoln; Portland, OR )
Ellie Kruse, Midfield (Lincoln; Portland, OR )
School: Linganore
Jordan Swoyer, Attack (Linganore; Frederick County, MD )
School: Littleton
Danny Angell, Attack (Littleton, CO)
School: Long Beach
Sarah Reznick, Goalie (Long Beach; Nassau, NY )
School: Longmeadow 
Jack Barron, Attack (Longmeadow , MA)
Jack Barron, Midfield (Longmeadow , MA)
Sam Byrne, Midfield (Longmeadow , MA)
Kay Conway, Midfield (Longmeadow , MA)
Spencer Robbins, Midfield (Longmeadow , MA)
School: Loomis Chaffee
Lia LaPrise, Midfield (Loomis Chaffee; New England Western/Windsor, CT )
School: Loveland
Adam Clark, Midfield (Loveland; Loveland, OH)
School: Lovett School
Cooper Higgins, Midfield (Lovett School; Atlanta, GA)
School: Loyola
Speed Fry, Midfield (Loyola; Los Angeles, CA)
Aidan Hesse, Midfield (Loyola; Los Angeles, CA)
Will Parducci, Goalie (Loyola; Los Angeles, CA)
School: Loyola Academy
Annabelle Burke, Midfield (Loyola Academy, IL)
Riley Dolan, Midfield (Loyola Academy, IL)
Andrew Forsyth, Attack (Loyola Academy, IL)
Timothy Hackett, Midfield (Loyola Academy, IL)
Luca Lazzaretto, Defense (Loyola Academy, IL)
Sophia Rucker, Midfield (Loyola Academy, IL)
Najee Taylor, Midfield (Loyola Academy, IL)
Dominic Urukalo, Goalie (Loyola Academy, IL)
School: Lyons Township
Seamus Hughes, Attack (Lyons Township, IL)
Jack Meagher, Attack (Lyons Township, IL)
School: Mainland
Vincent Giunta, Midfield (Mainland; South, NJ )
School: Malvern Prep
Jack Traynor, Midfield (Malvern Prep; Eastern, PA )
Scott White, Attack (Malvern Prep; Eastern, PA )
School: Manhasset
Edward Arnold, Defense (Manhasset; Nassau, NY )
Krissy Kowalski, Goalie (Manhasset; Nassau, NY )
Zach Diamond, Midfield (Manheim Township; Central, PA )
Caton Johnson, Goalie (Manheim Township; Central, PA )
Lucy Svetec, Midfield (Manheim Township; Central, PA )
School: Mariemont
Cole Harden, Attack (Mariemont; Southern, OH )
Courtney Robinson, Midfield (Mariemont; Southern, OH )
School: Marin Catholic
Jack Goller, Midfield (Marin Catholic; San Francisco, CA )
Samantha Horan, Goalie (Marin Catholic; San Francisco, CA )
Vinny Martin, Long-Stick Middie (Marin Catholic; San Francisco, CA )
School: Marriotts Ridge
Colin Kelley, Goalie (Marriotts Ridge; Howard County, MD )
Olivia Proctor, Midfield (Mary Institute Country Day, MO)
Jennifer Williams, Midfield (Mary Institute Country Day, MO)
School: Massapequa
Jaclyn Gatti, Midfield (Massapequa; Nassau, NY )
Angelo Petrakis, Midfield (Massapequa; Nassau, NY )
Erin Tierney, Midfield (Massapequa; Nassau, NY )
School: Mauldin
Connor Thompson, Midfield (Mauldin, SC)
School: McCallie School
Sterlyn Ardrey, Midfield (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
Sterlyn Ardrey, Midfield (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
Cameron Henry, Defense (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
Cameron Henry, Defense (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
Nicholas Jessen, Attack (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
Nicholas Jessen, Attack (McCallie School; Chattanooga, TN )
School: McDonogh
Julia Hoffman, Attack (McDonogh; MIAA, MD )
Maddie Jenner, Midfield (McDonogh; MIAA, MD )
School: McLean
Cassidy Slavik, Attack (McLean, VA)
School: Medina
Alyssa Baranuk, Midfield (Medina; North, OH )
Cooper Harris, Midfield (Medina; North, OH )
School: Mercer Island
Katie Brodsky, Midfield (Mercer Island, WA)
Glen Mahony, Attack (Mercer Island, WA)
Stewart Vassau, Midfield (Mercer Island, WA)
School: Middle Creek
Owen Caputo, Midfield (Middle Creek; NC-NCHSLA East, NC)
Jake Caputo, Midfield (Middle Creek; NC-NCHSLA East, NC)
Raven Payne, Goalie (Middlebury Union; Middlebury, VT)
Lucie Gildehaus, Midfield (Middlesex School; New England Independent, MA )
School: Middletown
Roland Hockenberry, Midfield (Middletown; Frederick County, MD)
Kaitlyn Daly, Midfield (Millbrook School; New England Western, NY )
Claire Martell, Goalie (Millbrook School; New England Western, NY )
School: Milton
Brianna Carasquillo, Midfield (Milton, GA)
Erin Degnan, Midfield (Milton, GA)
School: Miramonte
Boo DeWitt, Midfield (Miramonte; San Francisco, CA )
School: Moorestown
Kayla Frank, Midfield (Moorestown; North, NJ )
Kacey Knobloch, Attack (Moorestown; North, NJ )
Delaney Lawler, Defense (Moorestown; North, NJ )
Robin Panzarella, Midfield (Moorestown; North, NJ )
School: Morristown
Annika Begley, Midfield (Morristown, NJ)
Callie Sundin, Midfield (Morristown, NJ)
School: Moses Brown
Kari Buonanno, Attack (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
Britt Defeo, Attack (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
Meredith Langmuir, Midfield (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
Adam Towey, Defense (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
Caitlin Tucker, Goalie (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
Evie Williams, Attack (Moses Brown; New England Eastern, RI )
School: Mount Sinai
Meaghan Scutaro, Defense (Mount Sinai; Suffolk, NY )
Meaghan Tyrrell, Attack (Mount Sinai; Suffolk, NY )
School: Mountain Lakes
Trevor Glavin, Attack (Mountain Lakes; North, NJ )
Ben Kaplan, Defense (Mountain Lakes; North, NJ )
Matt Palazzi, Midfield (Mountain Lakes; North, NJ )
Casey Davies, Attack (Mountain View High School, ID)
Alex Rodriguez, Midfield (Mountain View High School, ID)
School: Mt. Tabor
Matthew Powell, Attack (Mt. Tabor; HSLA, NC )
School: Nease
Philip Mylet, Attack (Nease; Pontre Verdra, FL )
Ashton Wood, Midfield (Nease; Pontre Verdra, FL )
School: Needham
Callie Hem, Midfield (Needham; Eastern, MA )
School: New Canaan
Karlie Bucci, Midfield (New Canaan; Public, CT )
Nicholas Crovatto, Midfield (New Canaan; Public, CT )
Braeden Dial, Attack (New Canaan; Public, CT )
Quintin O'Connell, Midfield (New Canaan; Public, CT )
Julia Ozimek, Defense (New Canaan; Public, CT )
School: New Dorp
Morgan Cassiliana, Midfield (New Dorp; NY Metro, NY )
School: New Fairfield
Nick Alviti, Defense (New Fairfield; Public, CT )
James Leary, Long-Stick Middie (New Fairfield; Public, CT )
Matthew Narewski, Midfield (New Hampton School; New England, NH)
School: New Trier
Nate Carlton, Defense (New Trier; Wilmette, IL)
Courtney Kaskey, Midfield (New Trier; Wilmette, IL)
Charley Meier, Midfield (New Trier; Wilmette, IL)
Lucy Murray, Attack (New Trier; Wilmette, IL)
Henry Scherb, Attack (New Trier; Wilmette, IL)
Zack Belter, Defense (Niagara Wheatfield; Buffalo, NY )
School: Nichols School
TaNia Cunningham, Defense (Nichols School; Buffalo, NY )
Maren Geiger, Goalie (Nichols School; Buffalo, NY )
School: Niskayuna
Griffin king, Midfield (Niskayuna; Albany, NY )
Eoghan Sweeney, Midfield (Niskayuna; Albany, NY )
Hayden Cheek, Attack (Noble and Greenough School; New England Independent, MA )
Aislinn McCarthy, Goalie (Noble and Greenough School; New England Independent, MA )
School: Norfolk Academy
Jane Carter Chandler, Attack (Norfolk Academy; Piedmont, VA )
Christian Randolph, Attack (Norfolk Academy; Piedmont, VA )
Chase Yager, Midfield (Norfolk Academy; Piedmont, VA )
School: North Rockland
Elizabeth Fox, Midfield (North Rockland, NY)
Kerri Gutenberger, Midfield (North Rockland, NY)
School: North Stafford
Nicholas Woodard, Long-Stick Middie (North Stafford; Northwest AAA, VA )
School: Northern
Jacob Purcell, Defense (Northern; Southern AC, MD )
Brandon Sulhoff, Attack (Northern; Southern AC, MD )
School: Northport
Emerson Cabrera, Midfield (Northport; Suffolk, NY )
Olivia Carner, Midfield (Northport; Suffolk, NY )
School: Northview
Alexis Bell, Midfield (Northview; GA, GA)
Noah Johnson, Goalie (Northview; GA, GA)
Parker Byrd, Midfield (Northwest Guilford; Greensboro, NC )
Sean Goldsmith, Attack (Northwest Guilford; Greensboro, NC )
School: Norwell
Murphy McDonough, Attack (Norwell; Norwell, MA)
School: Notre Dame
Ava Scudillo, Midfield (Notre Dame; Orange County, CA )
Madison Ahern, Midfield (Notre Dame Academy; Independent, MD )
Julia Greene, Defense (Notre Dame Academy; Independent, MD )
School: Notre Dame Prep
Sarah Cooper, Defense (Notre Dame Prep, MI)
Hannah Mardiney, Attack (Notre Dame Prep, MI)
Blake Storey, Midfield (Notre Dame Prep, MI)
School: Novato
Jamie Level, Midfield (Novato, CA)
Charlie Rudy, Attack (Novato, CA)
Delaney Wilmott, Midfield (Novato, CA)
School: O'Dea
Cole Daninger, Midfield (O'Dea, WA)
School: Oak Park
Tyler Bradbury, Attack (Oak Park; Condor/SCLA, CA )
Alexis Robinson, Goalie (Oak Park; Condor/SCLA, CA )
School: Oak Ridge
Brianne Gross, Midfield (Oak Ridge; El Dorado Hills, CA)
Ryan Rogers, Attack (Oak Ridge; El Dorado Hills, CA)
School: Oaks Christian
Cort Rogers, Attack (Oaks Christian; Condor/SCLA, CA )
School: Oakton 
Kevin McDaid, Attack (Oakton , VA)
School: Okemos
Grace Bielby, Midfield (Okemos; Okemos, MI)
Emily Renfrew, Midfield (Okemos; Okemos, MI)
School: Pace Academy
Ryan Hofstetter, Attack (Pace Academy; Atlanta, GA )
School: Palmyra
Tate Wasson, Defense (Palmyra; Central, PA )
School: Palmyra Macedon
Emma Arnold, Midfield (Palmyra Macedon; Macedon, NY)
School: Palos Verdes
Kelly Hoyt, Midfield (Palos Verdes; Los Angeles, CA )
Kyle McBride, Defense (Palos Verdes; Los Angeles, CA )
Zoe Puccia, Attack (Palos Verdes; Los Angeles, CA )
Brad Sharp, Attack (Palos Verdes; Los Angeles, CA )
School: Peters Township
Danny Bacchiochi, Attack (Peters Township; Western, PA )
Ben Delaney, Attack (Peters Township; Western, PA )
Nicki Phelps, Long-Stick Middie (Peters Township; Western, PA )
Jake Calnan, Defense (Phillips Exeter Academy; New England Eastern, NH)
Tara Shecter, Midfield (Pine Crest School; South, FL )
Kennady Smith, Goalie (Pine Crest School; South, FL )
Hutch Torregrosa, Midfield (Pine Crest School; South, FL )
School: Pine Richland
Abigail Levier, Goalie (Pine Richland; Western, PA )
Megan Lieberman, Defense (Pine Richland; Western, PA )
Marina Miller, Midfield (Pine Richland; Western, PA )
School: Pingry
Jamie Zusi, Midfield (Pingry, NJ)
Kiley Davis, Midfield (Pinkerton Academy; Derry, NH )
Lauren Lisauskas, Attack (Pinkerton Academy; Derry, NH )
School: Pittsford
Michelle Messenger, Goalie (Pittsford; Monroe County, NY )
School: Plainedge
Cassidy Burns, Midfield (Plainedge; Nassau, NY )
School: Poly Prep
Maggie Fort, Midfield (Poly Prep; NY Metro, NY )
School: Pomfret 
Nate Gentile, Defense (Pomfret , CT)
School: Ponte Vedra
Andrew Bray, Defense (Ponte Vedra; North, FL )
Wyatt Schupler, Goalie (Ponte Vedra; North, FL )
Sarah Thomasson, Midfield (Ponte Vedra; North, FL )
Logan Kreinz, Midfield (Portsmouth Abbey School, RI)
School: Potomac School
Courtlynne Caskin, Midfield (Potomac School, DC)
School: Poway
Eli Butler, Midfield (Poway; San Diego, CA )
Kellin Cutting, Goalie (Poway; San Diego, CA )
Camdyn O'Donnell, Attack (Poway; San Diego, CA )
Will Filiault, Midfield (Providence Day School; NCISSA/Private, NC )
School: Queensbury
Rachel Spaulding, Attack (Queensbury; Albany, NY )
School: R.J. Reynolds
Fleet Wilson, Defense (R.J. Reynolds; Winston-Salem, NC)
School: Radnor
Cate Cox, Attack (Radnor; Eastern, PA)
Ellie Mueller, Attack (Radnor; Eastern, PA)
School: Ravenscroft
Brooke Baker, Midfield (Ravenscroft, NC)
School: Redondo Union
Emma Hodges, Midfield (Redondo Union; Torrance, CA)
Alison Shafer, Midfield (Redondo Union; Torrance, CA)
School: Regis Jesuit
Reed Babcock, Midfield (Regis Jesuit; Denver, CO )
Charlie Maly, Long-Stick Middie (Regis Jesuit; Denver, CO )
Patrick Roe, Midfield (Regis Jesuit; Denver, CO )
Jake Taylor, Attack (Regis Jesuit; Denver, CO )
School: Ridge
Michael Harris, Goalie (Ridge, NJ)
Mena Loescher, Attack (Ridge, NJ)
Emma Wightman, Midfield (Ridge, NJ)
School: Ridgefield
Caroline Curnal, Attack (Ridgefield; Public, CT )
Noah Isaacson, Defense (Ridgefield; Public, CT )
School: Ridgewood
Lillie Kloak, Midfield (Ridgewood, NJ)
Nicole Macolino, Midfield (Ridgewood, NJ)
Catherine Roxas, Midfield (Ridgewood, NJ)
School: Rivers School
Caroline Phelps, Midfield (Rivers School, MA)
School: Riverton
Ali Fullmer, Midfield (Riverton, UT)
Holden Patterson, Attack (Robinson Secondary, VA)
Nick Rowlett, Midfield (Robinson Secondary, VA)
School: Rockford
Cam Kostus, Attack (Rockford, MI)
Brooklyn Neumen, Midfield (Rockford, MI)
Ben Stoklas, Goalie (Rockford, MI)
Mekenzie VanderMolen, Midfield (Rockford, MI)
Karrington Vandermolen, Midfield (Rockford, MI)
Brady Guck, Attack (Rockhurst Jesuit; KS City, MO )
School: Rocky Point
Peter LaSalla, Midfield (Rocky Point; Suffolk, NY )
Zoe Antona, Midfield (Roswell High School, GA)
Stephen Edler, Defense (Rumson-Fair Haven High School, NJ)
William Dodge, Defense (Rye Country Day School, NY)
School: Saint Ignatius
Anthony Ameo, Midfield (Saint Ignatius, OH)
Michael Boehm, Attack (Saint Ignatius, OH)
Rory Callahan, Midfield (Saint Ignatius Prep, CA)
Anna Clarke, Midfield (Saint Ignatius Prep, CA)
School: Salem
Lillian Blair, Midfield (Salem; Salem, VA)
Madelynn Bowman, Goalie (Salem; Salem, VA)
School: Salesianum
Patrick Drake, Attack (Salesianum, DE)
Brady Emmi, Goalie (Salesianum, DE)
Colin Fowler, Defense (Salesianum, DE)
Brett Hobbs, Midfield (Salesianum, DE)
John Lombardi, Attack (Salisbury School; New England Western, CT )
Nate Maltry, Attack (Salpointe Catholic; Tucson, AZ)
Andrew Erickson, Attack (San Ramon Valley; San Francisco, CA )
Cole French, Goalie (San Ramon Valley; San Francisco, CA )
Cathal Roberts, Defense (San Ramon Valley; San Francisco, CA )
Lindsey Frank, Midfield (Saratoga Springs; Albany, NY )
Katherine Wendell, Attack (Saratoga Springs; Albany, NY )
School: Seneca
Ian Gray, Attack (Seneca; South, NJ )
Cassidy Spilis, Midfield (Seneca; South, NJ )
School: Seton Hall Prep
Griffin Westlin, Attack (Seton Hall Prep; North, NJ )
School: Severna Park
Josh Coffman, Midfield (Severna Park; Anne Arundel, MD )
Chase Cope, Midfield (Severna Park; Anne Arundel, MD )
Sydney Larson, Midfield (Sewickley Academy; Western, PA )
School: Shaker Heights
Josie Lowell, Midfield (Shaker Heights, OH)
School: Shaker 
Luke Julian, Attack (Shaker ; Albany/Latham, NY)
Erica Barr, Midfield (Shawnee Regional , NJ)
School: Shrewsbury
Christopher Campbell, Long-Stick Middie (Shrewsbury; Central, MA )
Mason Kohn, Attack (Shrewsbury; Central, MA )
School: Skyline
Nathan Brandt, Attack (Skyline)
Will Carson, Long-Stick Middie (Skyline)
School: Smithtown West
Conor Calderone, Midfield (Smithtown West; Suffolk, NY )
Kyle Zawadzki, Attack (Smithtown West; Suffolk, NY )
School: Souhegan
Abby Cranney, Midfield (Souhegan; Amherst, NH )
Calvin Hultgren, Attack (South Burlington High School, VT)
Nick Lascinsky, Midfield (South Burlington High School, VT)
School: South Lakes
Dodson Piotrowski, Defense (South Lakes; Reston, VA )
School: South River
Kathleen Sullivan, Attack (South River; Anne Arundel, MD )
School: South Side
Nick LiCalzi, Long-Stick Middie (South Side; Nassau/Rockville Centre, NY )
School: Southern
Taylor Suplee, Goalie (Southern; Anne Arundel, MD )
School: Sparta
Kaitlyn Mead, Midfield (Sparta; North, NJ )
School: Spartanburg
Carley Camp, Midfield (Spartanburg; Spartanburg, SC)
Lanie Graves, Midfield (Spartanburg; Spartanburg, SC)
School: Springfield
Patrick Clemens, Defense (Springfield; Eastern, PA )
Kyle Long, Attack (Springfield; Eastern, PA )
School: St. Andrew's
Matt Adams, Attack (St. Andrew's; South/Boca Raton, FL )
School: St. Anthony's
Katherine DeSimone, Attack (St. Anthony's; Nassau/Suffolk Catholic, NY )
Brandon Gibson, Long-Stick Middie (St. Augustine Preparatory , NJ)
Jack Desantis, Defense (St. Francis Desales High School, OH)
School: St. John's
Jack Donahue, Attack (St. John's; Central/Shrewsbury, MA )
Charles Sampson, Midfield (St. John's School, TX)
Lillian Stout, Midfield (St. Mark's School; Dallas, TX )
School: St. Marks
Kendra Schweizer, Midfield (St. Marks)
School: St. Paul's
Bridget Babcock, Midfield (St. Paul's)
Phoebe Day, Midfield (St. Paul's)
Morgan Lusk, Goalie (St. Thomas Aquinas, KS)
Caroline Stefans, Midfield (St. Thomas Aquinas, KS)
Carly Steinlauf, Attack (St. Thomas Aquinas, KS)
School: St. Thomas More
Cade Hernandez, Long-Stick Middie (St. Thomas More; LA, LA)
Logan Stinson, Attack (St. Thomas More; LA, LA)
School: St. Xavier
Duke Alf, Attack (St. Xavier; Southern/Cincinnati, OH )
Patrick Anderson, Midfield (St. Xavier; Southern/Cincinnati, OH )
Johnny Marrocco, Attack (St. Xavier; Southern/Cincinnati, OH )
Ben Mueller, Defense (St. Xavier; Southern/Cincinnati, OH )
School: Staples
Alexa Moro, Goalie (Staples; Westport/Public, CT )
Evan Zinn, Midfield (Staples; Westport/Public, CT )
Abby Hagberg, Attack (Stillwater Area High School; MN, MN)
School: Stone Bridge
Nickolas Cole, Attack (Stone Bridge; VA-Northern, VA)
Seamus McFarland, Midfield (Strake Jesuit College Prep)
Sean Mowatt-Larssen, Attack (Strake Jesuit College Prep)
School: Strath Haven
Jeffrey Conner, Midfield (Strath Haven; Eastern, PA )
School: Summit
Katie Carnevale, Attack (Summit; North, NJ )
Helen Johnson, Midfield (Summit; North, NJ )
Harry Kilkowski, Attack (Summit; North, NJ )
Stephen Sajer, Defense (Summit; North, NJ )
Henry Schertzinger, Midfield (Summit; North, NJ )
Julia Stites, Attack (Summit; North, NJ )
Julia Szynal, Midfield (Summit; North, NJ )
Will Vitton, Goalie (Summit; North, NJ )
Will Vitton, Goalie (Summit; North, NJ )
School: Syosset
Danny Ochs, Defense (Syosset; Nassau, NY )
Taylyn Stadler, Midfield (Syosset; Nassau, NY )
Max Verch, Long-Stick Middie (Syosset; Nassau, NY )
School: Taft School
Jack Sheehan, Midfield (Taft School; New England Western, CT )
School: The Woodlands
Jack Barron, Midfield (The Woodlands; The Woodlands, TX)
Ramsey McCreary, Midfield (The Woodlands; The Woodlands, TX)
Jackson Shearer, Defense (The Woodlands; The Woodlands, TX)
Noah Edborg, Attack (Thornton Academy, ME)
Craig LaBreck Jr., Midfield (Thornton Academy, ME)
School: Torrey Pines
Evan Egan, Defense (Torrey Pines; San Diego, CA)
Jonathan Ford, Long-Stick Middie (Torrey Pines; San Diego, CA)
Sophia LeRose, Goalie (Torrey Pines; San Diego, CA)
Kelli McKinnon, Midfield (Torrey Pines; San Diego, CA)
School: Tottenville
Thomas Casuccio, Goalie (Tottenville; NY Metro, NY )
School: Towson
Leighton Bechdel, Midfield (Towson; Baltimore, MD )
School: Trabuco Hills
Hennessey Evans, Midfield (Trabuco Hills, CA)
School: Trinity School
Joshua Miller, Goalie (Trinity School; NY Metro, NY )
School: Unionville
Madison Doucette, Goalie (Unionville; Eastern, PA )
Erin Garvey, Midfield (Unionville; Eastern, PA )
Veronica Hineman, Midfield (Unionville; Eastern, PA )
School: University
Antonio Mascaro, Attack (University; West VA, WV)
Andrew Phillips, Defense (University; West VA, WV)
School: Upper Arlington
Lauren Farber, Midfield (Upper Arlington, OH)
Megan Kozar, Attack (Upper Arlington, OH)
Will Robbins, Defense (Upper Arlington, OH)
School: Upper St. Clair
Grant Evans, Midfield (Upper St. Clair; Western, PA)
School: Vero Beach
Maddie Ellis, Midfield (Vero Beach; Vero Beach, FL)
Lexi Patton, Goalie (Vero Beach; Vero Beach, FL)
School: Verona
Ian Edwards, Attack (Verona, WI)
School: Vestal
Amanda Fedore, Midfield (Vestal; Southern Tier, NY )
James Morris, Defense (Vestal; Southern Tier, NY )
School: Vestavia Hills
Aimie Perino, Midfield (Vestavia Hills; Mississippi, AL)
School: Viewmont
Danni Westerman, Midfield (Viewmont, UT)
School: W.T. Woodson 
Logan Dougherty, Attack (W.T. Woodson , VA)
Natalie Gates, Attack (W.T. Woodson , VA)
Bobby Solomon, Attack (W.T. Woodson , VA)
Audra Tosone, Midfield (Walpole High School; Eastern, MA)
School: Walton
Katelyn Morgan, Attack (Walton, GA)
Owen Broucqsault, Defense (Wando High School, SC)
Andrew Hamilton, Midfield (Wando High School, SC)
Tommy Marcoon, Attack (Wando High School, SC)
School: Ward Melville
Zach Hobbes, Midfield (Ward Melville, NY)
School: Wayland
Kate Balicki, Midfield (Wayland; Eastern, MA )
Lily Tardif, Midfield (Wayland; Eastern, MA )
School: Waynflete
Hank Duval, Attack (Waynflete, ME)
Miles Lipton, Midfield (Waynflete, ME)
Payton Lill, Midfield (Webster Schroeder; Monroe County, NY )
Trevor Ford, Attack (Webster Thomas , NY)
Mary Soures, Midfield (Webster Thomas , NY)
Madeleine Balter, Midfield (Wellesley High School; Eastern, MA)
Caitlin Chicoski, Midfield (Wellesley High School; Eastern, MA)
School: Wesleyan
Molly Bradach, Defense (Wesleyan, GA)
Tabitha Conrad, Midfield (Wesleyan, GA)
School: West Genesee
Tom Baker, Defense (West Genesee; Central, NY )
School: West Linn
Riley Drullinger, Goalie (West Linn, OR)
Ross Scott, Attack (West Linn, OR)
Andrew Boniface, Midfield (Western Reserve Academy; North, OH)
School: Westfield
Nick Bond, Midfield (Westfield; North, NJ )
Nick Bond, Midfield (Westfield; North, NJ )
School: Westlake
Peyton Murphy, Attack (Westlake; Condor/SCLA, CA )
Jacob Stoebner, Defense (Westlake; Condor/SCLA, CA )
Tate Young, Midfield (Westlake; Condor/SCLA, CA )
School: Westminster
Christian Etchison, Midfield (Westminster; Carroll County, MD )
Madelyn Macera, Attack (Westminster; Carroll County, MD )
Anna Ruby, Midfield (Westminster; Carroll County, MD )
Truman Jones, Defense (Westminster Schools, GA)
School: Westview
TJ Summers, Attack (Westview, OR)
School: Westwood
Alexandra Finn, Attack (Westwood, TX)
Fiona McGowan, Midfield (Westwood, TX)
School: Wheeler
Meghan Keenan, Attack (Wheeler)
Gavin Tygh, Midfield (William Penn Charter , PA)
Mason Balch, Attack (Williston Northampton School, MA)
Frank Cox, Goalie (Wilson High School, PA)
School: Wilton
Andrew Calabrese, Goalie (Wilton; Public, CT )
Paisley Eagan, Midfield (Wilton; Public, CT )
Eva Greco, Attack (Wilton; Public, CT )
Joseph Scarfi, Long-Stick Middie (Wilton; Public, CT )
School: Yarmouth
Eva Then, Midfield (Yarmouth, ME)
Ciara Frawley, Midfield (Yorktown High School, NY)